Is Dr. Errol Singh accepting new patients?

Yes! Call the office at (614) 784-UROL (8765) and we can get you started.

What insurances are accepted by Capital Urology?

For a full list of accepted insurances, click here.

How soon can I get a new appointment?

Initial appointments are mostly completed via telehealth, as Dr. Singh is able to gather vital history and current symptoms from which a course of action can commence. Patients will undertake laboratory tests (bloods/urine) and/or imaging prior to an in-person visit being scheduled. Where necessary, additional telehealth appointments are available, depending on the need for a physical examination.

What should I bring to an appointment?

Make sure to bring your driver’s license, insurance card(s), an up-to-date list of medications, and any additional lab or imaging results that are pertinent for your visit.

Where can I get my blood work done before my appointment?

OhioHealth laboratories are preferred since we can access lab results online prior to your visit. Click here to find a location near you. If your Primary Care Physician (PCP)  recently performed lab work, please request that they fax lab results prior to your visit to (614) 784-1153 or bring in a copy of your results for review by Dr. Singh.

How do I order a medication refill?

To request a medication refill, a patient can either call our office at (614) 784-UROL (8765) or message our staff through the Patient Portal. For your safety, prescription refills will only be authorized if you have been seen by Dr. Singh within the last 12 months. To learn how to message our staff to request a refill, click here.  Be prepared to answer the following questions:

    • If by phone, please state and spell your name, provide your date of birth, and the best phone number that you can be contacted

    • Have you started any new medications or have you developed any new allergies since your last prescription refill?

    • Do you find that the medication being refilled is beneficial, has no effect, or makes your symptoms worse?

    • Do you have a scheduled follow up appointment with Dr. Singh?

    • How many days worth of medication are left? Has your medication already run out?

    • Clearly state your pharmacy name, pharmacy phone number, and hours (if known).

How do I make a payment to Capital Urology?

Payments can be made through the Patient Portal, over the phone, by mail, or in person at our office. To learn how to make a payment through the Patient Portal, click here.

What forms of payment are accepted by Capital Urology?

We accept checks, money orders, credit cards, debit cards, cash, and flexible spending cards.

Are payment plan options available for making payments?

If needed, payment plan options are available on a case-by-case basis. Plans can be discussed further with Capital Urology staff by phone. Please contact our office at (614) 784-UROL (8765).

How do I obtain a copy of my medical records?

Please contact our office at (614) 784-UROL (8765) and we will process your request. Required information is as follows: patient name, date of birth, date of service, and reason for medical records request. If you are a current patient with our office with an active account, click here to learn how to view your records online.

NOTE:  The patient must sign and return a Release of Information form. If you are not the patient, the patient must put your name on this Release of Information form.